My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Which Character Are You?

A test to see which character best fits your personality. So, exactly what it says on the tin.

published on June 26, 20111058 responses 253
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Which Character Are You?
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If you had to pick just one, which of the following would you rather do during your free time?

Spend the afternoon in the local bookstore.
Go join some friends for a game of rugby.
Spend the day out shopping for a new outfit.
Meet a friend at for a nice, casual talk over a cup of coffee.
Go play with your dog at the park.
Have a friend over for the night.
Play through a video game campaign with your bronies.
Take a nap.
Free time is a no-go. It's better to knock those errands out of the way right now.
Bake something to share with your friends.

A friend is supposed to come over and spend the day with you. However, they decide to hang out with someone else instead. What do you do?

Nothing. It's probably best not to be pushy.
Try to figure out why they'd rather spend time with someone else than with you like they said they would.
Feel slightly disappointed, but you have a few other things to keep you busy anyway.
Use that time to get some extra work done.
Feel insulted. That other pony is clearly a bland old bore anyway.
Try to sabotage their plans for the day. How could they just kick you to the curb like that?
"No problem. We'll just reschedule."
Blame and resent the other pony for stealing your friend away. Why weren't you good enough to hang out with?
Doesn't really matter, you didn't really feel like having company today anyway.
"Good! See if I care. It's not like I need them for fun anyway. This just gives me more time to work on my form."

A friend has been making themselves scarce lately. At first it seemed like a coincidence, but it's been going on for a long time and it's apparent that they're avoiding you. How do you react?

Don't say anything. Just keep it bottled up until you can't bear it anymore--Pretending to be OK is better than making a scene and getting them angry at you.
Best not to jump to conclusions. Most likely, they're busy and just haven't had time to chat.
"They hate me, don't they? It's fine; they were never a real friend anyway."
Spy on them to see if they've made themselves some new friends. They probably dropped you like a rock for someone cooler.
Calmly but firmly share your concerns with this friend. In all likelihood, it's a misunderstanding. Offer your support if they appear to be going through some kind of hardship.
Go to another friend for support. Talking to the one who's avoiding you will just cause trouble.
You go about your day as usual, but your productivity at work starts to decline. Don't tell anypony about it, it'd be too long and awkward a story.
Confront them about it. The way they're acting is ridiculous and you have to tell it like it is.
Try to be more proactive in approaching them. Don't tackle the issue directly, but try to get on their good side.
"Are you kidding me? If they wanna give me the cold shoulder, that's their problem."

Which of the following is most accurate about your skillset?

An abundance of academic knowledge and perhaps a knack for a little bit of everything.
Great at communicating with others and forming bonds. Might also have moderate cooking skills.
Not incredibly strong, but nimble and good at aerobic sports.
Physically strong for your size, and also moderately good with sports as well.
Larger than most and physically adept due to the manual labor that comes with your lifestyle.
A charismatic and outgoing personality. Optionally, a seemingly rare talent you've yet to witness in many others.
Possession of a rare talent, but lacking in the technical skills expected of most people these days.
OK at following directions. A decent helpmeet.
Knowledge of various arts, mostly visual.
Great at rearing and caring for animals.

Examine your main circle of friends. Based on your observations, which of the following best describes how you see your friends/what you look for in friendships?

Friends are flawed, and sometimes you have relatively little in common, but the bond is still there and you wouldn't have them any other way.
The best kind of friend is somepony you can spend time with doing the things you're both interested in.
Your friends are (and should be) patient and understanding. They don't judge you for your fears and insecurities and won't try to change you.
You should be able to relax with a friend the same way you would if you were alone. They're pleasant company.
A good friend is even willing to put the friendship on the line if it means doing what's best for you. Ideally, a friend will be honest and won't just stand by while you destroy yourself, even if they're telling you something you don't want to hear.
A friend will make you feel loved, and realize when you're feeling as if you're being taken for granted or ignored. They love you and will never abandon you for somepony better.
Forgiveness, love and tolerance are the most important aspects of any friendship. Your friends will accept you even if you've done something wrong, so long as you own up to your mistakes.
A friend is someone you can always trust. Losing trust is a surefire way to lose a friend forever.
You like to confide secrets in your friends and you trust them to keep it between the two of you.
You can hang out and be yourself around friends, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to be a good judge of character--A two-faced jerk is never friend material.