Are You a Happy Person?

Are You a Happy Person?

Are you a happy person or a sad person find out now!!! Sad people are lonely but happy people are fun find out if yours lonely or happy.

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A Homeless man is trying to raise money he starts to breakdance and asks you to join him you...

Join in with him and give me some money afterwards.
Say no but give him some money.

You see poison ivy your best friend walks right into it without noticing he starts itching like crazy doesn't know what happened

Laugh and say lets go to the hospital.
Cry and run away your angry at yourself for not warning him.

You fall down the stairs and your neck hurts a lot your family is saying you need to go to hospital you...

Cry and let your family do whatever they want.
It doesn't hurt that bad, shake it off and proceed towards the kitchen.

Your little sister has some ice cream, you want some, she takes a big spit filled lick out of the ice cream you...

Your disappointed you really wanted some of that ice cream.
Take the ice cream and a napkin wipe off the top of the ice cream then eat the rest.

A person on facebook is ignoring you and this is your best friend you...

Ignore it they probably hit the wrong button.
Cry all day they don't like you anymore.

You are sad your on your cycle you...

Hike up your spirits by watching your little sister play with her dolls.
Cry until you cant cry anymore.

A bunch of bricks are in the way of the skate park entrance you...

Dive into them lets get swimming!!!
Walk away guess theirs no skate park today :(

Your friend has a car you have spray paint you...

Throw the spray paint in the car trunk.
Spray paint "Noob" on the side of his car its washable spray paint anyway :P

You go trick or treating with your little sister she gets a tootsie roll your hungry but that's the only candy she has in her basket you...

Be hungry she's a little girl.
Take it she'll get more later.

You are sick your friends come over one of your friends get sick also you...

Have sympathy for them have your mom give them some soup.
Have a sick person party and sneeze without covering your mouth.