Will you be Famous when you Growup?

Will you be Famous when you Growup?

In this quiz you will find out if you will be Famous or not most likely not but you can try :p

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While you are walking alone to you cab you feel someone staring at you, when you look back no one's there.

Scream for security and run as fast as you can.
Shrug it off it might have been paparazzi.

A 16 year old is yelling for you to sign her hand, A 8 year old girl is reaching to grab you from your autograph.

Choose the 16 year old she probably is the safest
one to go to
The younger girl she seems like more of a fan plus
she's 8 she can't hurt you!

You jump into the crowd after a great performance, While getting carried you notice someone touches you inappropriately.

Tell your security as soon as possible and totally freak out.
Ignore it for the moment but tell your security and find out who the person is and talk about it.

You get alot of emails but you find one email that has a link to it. You click the link but something very inappropriate pops up.

Delete your email address making sure nobody gets it.
Delete the email and block the sender shrug it off.

Paparazzi is walking with you. You'll feel as if one of the paparazzi men is getting too close.

Move closer toward security no harm can be done.
Walk faster but ignore it.