Who are you most like from Les Miserables?

Who are you most like from Les Miserables?

I just thought it would be fun to create a quiz and see which character me, and most of you guys were. You may get a different gender to your own, but who cares - right?

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You believe in love at first sight

Of course I do!
I have never been in love, so I do not know
I don't even need love - I'm happy alone
Pah! Love at first sight? Seriously? That's a kids tale
Nah, not really, no

Forgiveness is right

No, wrong way round. Forgiveness is WRONG.
Forgiveness is sweet
It depends on the circumstance
Unless the deed is to unforgivable, yes - that is right.

People who break the law deserve to be punished

I agree completely
I sort of agree
It depends on the crime
No, you can't punish someone or you too would be
committing a crime
I would agree, if the punishments weren't so harsh

You are in love

I could never leave him/her
Love is stupid
Nope. Happy on my own!
Who bothers being in love when you could be out
taking risks?
No. I only love very few people I am close to. I am not
IN love.

There's nothing wrong to take something that someone was never using in the first place

Yes there is actually, that's called theft
Na, I do it all the time, never get caught
Well, if you were in dire need
Not unless you ask them
Who cares?
I sometimes do it - it depends what the item is

You are not afraid to die

Flippin heck, hell yeah!
Dying would be an awfully big adventure
No. I am not afraid to die.
If it is for my duty, then no. (But i'd prefer to live)
If it is for the one I love, then no
A little...

Some risks are worth it

I always take the risk
Risky? Na, piece of cake normally.
If it is for those who you love

You are sometimes ignored...

Never. I'm a leader
Well - it's not like I actually want to be the center of
attention when I'm nicking something, is it?
I like it that way
I am never ignored.
No, I am never ignored. Why should I be?