Are you a Responsible Person?

Are you a Responsible Person?

Find out if your a Responsible Person or not take this quiz to find out if you need to be a kid more or a be a grown up more!

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Someone threw pie in your face on accident they are laughing you would?

Throw pie back at them and start a food fight!
Laugh along it was just an accident!

You find a pickle on the floor and its right next to the garbage can you only have 10 minutes to get to class you would?

Throw the pickle away in the trash can near you classroom.
Ignore it you'll be late for class!

A little girl asks you to play with her you would?

Play with her but only hide and seek.
Play tag with her and run fast so she can't catch you.

You see that a sale on a game is going to end tomorrow at 10:00 and so is the job for the game store you would?

Get the game its better then a job!
Get the job you could buy the game later plus you would have extra money for two!

A group of people are following the teacher to the bus your in that group but you see a kindergarten kid fall off the swing you would?

Laugh the kid look okay!
Go help the kid up.

You see a dog run past. Later a woman walks past looking confused whistling. You would?

Ask her if she needed help and point her in the right direction.
Tell her you saw a dog but it would be 10 $ for what direction it went.

You see a man drop him wallet on the sidewalk you pick it up and do what with it?

Take a fifty out of his wallet and return it.
Make sure all the things you think he should have in his wallet is in there and return it.

Your room is a mess and a special person is coming over in a hour you would?

Clean up your room later you got an 50 minutes to play Xbox!
Clean up your room and help your parents clean the bathroom.

Your painting a wall and you accidently use the wrong color its quitting time you would?

Paint over the wrong color and get out of work late.
Run out of the room first and quit.