are you a fat person in a skinny person's body?

are you a fat person in a skinny person's body?

Take this quiz to figure out if your a fat person in a skinny persons body!

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Your going to start looking at calories in the foods you eat but people are staring at your large size you embarrased

Get a little bit of stuff you dont want them thinking
your a greedy fat person.
Get all you want and ignore their staring get some
things with high calories too.

You see a Hotdog and you really want one you havent had one in a week your starving to buy it!!!

Buy 2 hotdogs you deserve a hotdog you havent had
one for a week anyway!
Ignore the hotdog and get some hotdog flavored

Your shopping in the store and you try to act like your actually shopping in the slim sizes but when you go into the plus sizes little kids start whispering things like: She as big as a watermelon, Shes so fat I think i could eat her and have a feast for 1000 years.

Dont shop in the plus sizes never shop again as long as
you live.
Go back to the slim sizes and put some stuff in the cart
until the kids leave then go back to plusses

Mcdonalds is having a free fries day your driving pass and the line is great you really want those fries but you gained 20 pounds this week!

Get the fries but only a small it wouldnt hurt to have a
small fry would it?
Dont get the fries drive past you gained to much
weight all ready.

Black makes you look bigger and your going on camera you dont want the whole world thinking your actually 186 pounds do you?

Wear a tight shirt it should show less meat!
Wear a workout top it doesnt show so much fat.