Are You a Scary Person?

Are You a Scary Person?

Take this fun quiz to find out if your scary person or not! Scary people would freak out if they saw something they were scared of. Normal people would just stare at the thing they were scared of then tell another person to help them out. Witch one are you?

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You watch a scary movie one night you go to sleep after saying goodbye to your friends when you close your eyes you see the monster in the movie.

Open your eyes and think happy thoughts.
Never close your eyes again.

You see a shadow but no one is in your house but you and friend and their right there with you.

Close your door and sit next to your friend.
Stare at the shadow but sit on the bed next to your friend.

You see a dog with red stuff around his mouth he opens his mouth a charges toward you.

Let out a small scream and run away.
Look at the dog.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Where you afraid of the dark?

No and Yes
Yes and Yes

Your friends dare you to go down a dark alley alone your afraid of the dark and of alleys!

Run down the alley really fast if you see something scary run a little faster.
Walk down the alley but dare a friend to do it with you.