My 3rd Hogwarts house quiz! read description

My 3rd Hogwarts house quiz! read description

I'm gonna make 5 Hogwarts pages: Hogwarts, Gryffindor common room, and common rooms for all the others. To join the role play thing, take this and tell me what you got when you apply for the Hogwarts one and the common room you got. IF YOU GET RAVENCLAW DON'T APPLY FOR GRYFFINDOR!

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Where is the best place for a common room?

In a tower where you need to answer a riddle to enter
In a tall tower where you need to give a password to answer
in a dungeon-like room with stone walls and silver lamps beneath the black lake
In the basement near the kitchen through a barrel with a secret way to open it and there are big comfy armchairs and underground tunnels.

Most interesting ghost

Nearly Headless Nick
Grey Lady
Bloody Baron
Fat Friar

How do people describe you?

ambitious (look it up if you don't know what it means
hard working

If you had a plate full of cookies you would:

Give everybody an equal amount
Have an olympics kind of thing where the winners get a cookie
split them equally but give yourself the biggest one on purpose
only eat a few and give out the rest because you don't want to get sick

If you have to wait a while in a doctor's office, what do you do?

read a magizine
go shopping quickly (the office is in a mall)
look around
wait patiently

The best element is:


What are you most likely to wonder about the wizard world?

Is there a way to prevent cheating in Quidditch?
Why do all the ghosts have descriptive names? Nearly Headless Nick was probably just Nick when he was alive!
Why was Voldemort invincible?
Why are most Slytherins evil?