Sonic wwffy part 3 (2)

Sonic wwffy part 3 (2)

Recap- You were turned into a Mobian and were freed by us and met me, Luna and Erica, Sorry it took so long.

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The 6 hedgehogs burst out of Eggman's lair. (Not all are hedgehogs though) Melody runs up to the red and black one and hugs him. "Shadow your safe" she says. He hugs back. Melody lets go. "Y/N, this is Sonic the hedgehog, Silver the hedgehog, Shadow the hedgehog, Tails the fox, Knuckles the echidna and Mephiles the hedgehog.

Hi Knuckles! By any chance do you hate
Melody? (Knuckles: Um, Duh.) Then let's get
revenge for everything she's done to us!
(Knuckles: Yeah! Melody: 0_0 Shadow: No you
won't. You have to get past me first. *takes out
Shadow... Hi. (Melody: *coughs like she's
trying to get you to notice something*) Shut up
fangirl! (Shadow: She's not a fangirl.)
Hiya Tails! (Tails: Hi! Luna: Aw. You two are so
cute together!)
... (Erica: Really! You? Melody: I think she's
quite fine. Mephiles: Me too.)
Sup Silver! (Silver: Hi Y/N! )
Hi Sonic! Here! I have something for you!
*gives chilli dog* (Sonic: Yay! Thank Y/N!
Melody: Do you have a taco?) Yup! *gives
Melody a taco* (Melody: Yay ^-^)

We all took you to Sonic, Silver and Shadow's house. "So... Y/N. You can stay here at the boys house or come sleepover at me and Erica's! Luna's coming over tonight!"

I guess I'll stay here. (Melody: Okay! You can
use my old room!)
Can I stay here? If that doesn't offend anyone.
(Melody: Nope! Doesn't offend me! Silver: Yay!
Do you like pancakes?) Duh! (Silver: I'll make
some for you tomorrow!) ^_^
... (Melody: I guess it doesn't matter to you!
Erica: 0_0 She can stay with the boys!) ...
With you guys! (Erica: Yay! Awesome! Luna:
Here! If you make chilli dogs ;) (Sonic: Well
With you so I can get revenge on Melody! (
Melody: Your staying with them. Shadow:

So later Tails, Knuckles, Mephiles and the girls went home. If you chose sleepover you came with us. Whatever you chose you went to bed. (If you chose to stay with the boys) You woke up and went downstairs and saw everyone who you met yesterday at the table eating breakfast. (If you chose to stay with us you are already seated at the table)

*sits down next to Shadow* Hey Shadz! *puts
arm around him* (Melody: *glares*) *sticks
tongue out*
Yay! Silvy promised me pancakes! ^_^ *holds
out plate* (Silver: Here you go! *gives
Hmm... *gets vial of poison and pours it onto
Melody's pancakes when she's not looking*
HehHeh *sits down next to Knuckles and
whispers* I poisoned Melody's pancakes!
(Knuckles: Awesome! Melody: *about to eat
the pancakes* Luna: Melody! Don't eat those!
Y/N poisoned them! Melody: *throws out
pancakes*) Damn
... (Erica: Why?)
* sits down next to Tails* Hi! (Tails: How was it
at Erica's? And Melody's. ) Good!
Good morning Sonic? Oh. Silver. Can I make
lunch? I wanted to make chilli dogs! (Silver:
Sure! Sonic: *mouth watering* Melody: No
tacos?!? Oh well. I like chilli dogs too.)

We finished breakfast. "Hey Y/N! Wanna go shopping with us?"Luna offered. "Yeah! You say. We bought new clothes. Melody bought a black and red sparkly knee length dress. Erica bought a orange knee length dress with flower embroidery. Luna bought a blue long sleeve dress with a black rose at the side. What did you buy?

Anything red!
A leather jacket and a red dress
A black dress with a blue belt
A silver dress
Blue jeans and a blue top
A orange dress

When you got back from the mall the boys were doing the normal stuff. Shadow was sitting on the couch alone. Melody sat down next to him. Ok. That's all for this quiz bye!

...(Erica: Please don't come back...)
Bye Tails! (Tails: Bye!)
Bye Shadz! (Melody: Hmph.) Someone's jealous.
Bye! (Everyone but Shadow and Mephiles: Bye!)
I will get you back...
Bye Sonic! (Sonic: Bye!)