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Destined For Disaster: The Sequel
It's been 3 years. 3 years since Jynx left. 3 years since Salaria died, for real. Ceres' visions had been quiet. She was a psychic without psych. Just...ick. Now, they were all starting to wonder...were the visions even real? A...
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The Club: A Musical
The creation of a new club is announced, and people are curious. The basis of the club? Fruit.
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R'ena's Book of Harry Potter OCs
This is just a book of HP OCs! I needed somewhere I could remember them with, so here it is!
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Destined For Disaster
We all know that when Bree, Matt, and Jynx are together, there's chaos, right? What happens, though, when an elf joins them on a quest? What happens when there's a big plot twist and a long-lost person is suddenly found again? ...
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