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Hogwarts Chat! (1)
@Laurie_Angel challenged me in Real life to create a "Halloween" Story but she informed me that We are changing it to Harry Potter chatroom. Should be interesting...
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I got tagged! Again!
I recently got tagged by @Number1Arianator! So I'll be answering her questions and then... You'll see...
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I was tagged! (1)
I was tagged by @MockingJayDistrict this is my first ever tag, we'll see how it goes! :)
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The Last Fairy.
Kayleigh Summers finds out she's the last fairy, However, in a world of Destruction and War, she's putting her life at risk to save everyone. If she dies, everyone's doomed. Will The Last Fairy survive?
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The Daily Prophet!
Hi! Welcome to the Daily Prophet! Here you can read about entries for the Tri-Wizard tournament, upcoming news, what's happening around Hogwarts and more!
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Rise of the Muggle-Borns!
When all seems to be going crazy at Hogwarts, Muggle-Borns and Blood traitors being sent to Azkaban prison, they need to rely on someone. But who? Her name is Roxanne (Roxy) Willows.
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Hogwarts Diary: Luna Lovegood
I'm not Sure I'll be Able to fit all this into the Quiz (Year 7 Part 2 of it.) So yeah. This is Luna's Diary when she was in the Cellar of Malfoy Manor and Some Interesting Stuff. Read please!
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For Your Ears only.
Abigail tells A kid at school named Lauren (Laura) A HUGE Secret, then she Realizes she Doesn't Trust Lauren. What Could Go Wrong in a High School?
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