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The Unbranded Laptop
Some more horror for yall. REMEMBER: If you don't like creepy/scary things, leave now. You have been warned. Like seriously this stuff is pretty horrible. Only read if you have a strong stomach to this kind of stuff. (I'm so ...
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Short scary stories
Some more creepy stories for you guys. REMEMBER: If you don't like creepy/scary stuff, leave now. You have been warned.
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30 very short scary stories
Even more scary stories for you. REMEMBER: If you don't like scary/creepy things, leave now. You have been warned.
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9 Short Creepy Stories
This is just some short creepy stories that I have found. REMEMBER: If you do NOT like creepy/scary things, leave. You have been warned.
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12 minutes
this is a creepy story so if you no likey creepy stuffs get out and never return
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Die Before You Sleep
this is a creepypasta story so if you cant stand creepy stories or you are way to scared of them then stay out and NEVER come back. good luck!
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The little girl in the red dress
it is about how a little girl wanted some ice cream that was in the basement freezer. it turned out that she wanted more.
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I told you to smile
this is a real story and after reading this you might wanna keep a camera on all night. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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soul eater demotivational things
I got this on youtube and I really wanted to put it on here because it is soooo hilarious! I hope you also like it. it is called soul eater demotivational posters. I skipped a few. don't be mad but I changed one a little bit an...
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