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Who is your favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ The heroes of Olympus character?
Mine is Female: Piper Male: Jason or Nico
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What would the world be like if the leader of the gods was Hestia instead of Zeus?
the world would be peaceful, happy and awesome but instead we have Mr thunder brain
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Has anyone here heard of CinemaSins?
Well for those of you who haven't he is an awesome youtuber (in my opinion) who does sins video about famous movies.
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what would you do if you were in the hunger games?
I would run and find somewhere to hide near water away from everyone and 4 the final 2 i'd just let the dogs handle it
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do news feeds annoy you to?
i have 1936 make that 1937 i delete them but the next i have at least 900 it is so annoying
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is it normal to dream in color?
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is divergent a hunger games rip off?
i'm just wondering alot of peale tell me it is and alot tell me it's not so is it or not? (the picture has nothing to do with the question)
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have you failed at life?
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who is your favorite greek god
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whats your favorite series of books
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