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the tornado
this is about a girl who gets stuck inside of an tornado, hop you like it! :)
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diary of a badass vampire
diary of a badass vampire Mankind is doomed. Evil is rising and now the human race is in danger of being extinct. They call it the awakening. The whole city of Melbourne was under the shadows, covered blood and grime. The vamp...
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the awakening
I am a vampire... i am the undead, the cruel and unforgiving, the gruesome and heartless that kills the innocent. In my past life, i was an angel, the household that i had been born in hated vampires, and now i am the doomed. o...
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vampire blood
i have become what i fear the most. i am a vampire, cruel and merciless, a creature designed to hunt and to kill the innocent. now everyone lives in a realm full of fear and bloodshed, vampires have risen out of the darkness an...
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my school life :
inspired by( A School Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess (1) ) note : ( my school is NOT like that at all )
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inside the shadows a vampire novel
this story is about vampires, inside the shadows. hope you guys enjoy it. thank you for reading this story is for my really wierd passion ofvampirs
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the handbook for people starting high school
hi as you all know, my name is foreverinpink! this handbook is how to survive in high schools and expectations vs reality. just a reminder this is all based on my opinions in starting high school and based on all the events tha...
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