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Thornpelt's Journey
A Warrior Cats fanfiction. Takes place in a new territory. Takes place after current era in books.
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the entire bee movie script
i love barry b benson he is the best character ever he is not op or a mary sue and he has nice eyebrows
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Google Translate Songs
I'm going to put songs through several layers of google translate because why not i'm bored and it's funny. Keep in mind that I choose the songs randomly from my playlist
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Homeworld- Titanite #001
Hello, I'm Titanite, if you found this, don't read it. DON'T. But if you do, you should know that this is a journal that I've kept since I emerged from the Kindergarten on Homeworld.
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Novel: (TEASER) It Still Hurts After All This Time
This is just a teaser for my novel. It is based off of real events from my personal life, and it contains mature content. (Not for young viewers) I rate it PG-13 because there is cussing and sexual content. Please rate and comm...
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My Emoji Art
I will just upload emoji art that people can use and stuff like that Description
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Medical Essays
For school, most of my essays are about medical procedures, especially controversial ones. I'll share them here.
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Steven Universe Uncovered with Amazonite
Welcome to Steven Universe Uncovered, formerly known as DeBUNK'd Steven Universe. i'm Amazonite and I'm bringing you the scoop! You may know me from my old magazine, Gem Weekly! It was discontinued because it was a total rip of...
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Rainbow Ranting
I will literally just rant about stuff here. I don't care if you read, this is more for maintaining m sanity... now where did I put my dignity?
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Stop Censorship on Qfeast
Do you enjoy Qfeast taking away our opinions? Do you think that our fandom so are childish? Do you think that gay marriage is inappropriate for Qfeast? Well join our rebellion against Qfeast Censorship!
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Welcome to Qfeastlandia! A land of happiness, peace, and harmony! (Or so you think)
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Colored Crayons With Tortillas
This is a story about EGGS ARE LIQUID CHICKENS. Kangaroo pony ketchup pants Rhinos with stone ghostly alarm clocks.
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Why I Do Not Like Cats
So many of you have realized that I have a problem with cats. Not like, cartoon cats like Happy, or RoseHeart's cats because they are my biffles. :3 But other cats. I hate them. And many of you will hate me for it. So I'm makin...
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Pika Haiku, A Collection of Haiku
This is a collection of haikus I have written. They are all made by me. I hope you enjoy, occasionally I may make one about a user though.
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My Pokemon Theory!
This is a pretty weird but understandable theory, but in order for it to make sense, you have to be a pretty hardcore fan of Pokemon, have watched one full series of Pokemon Anime, play the video game, and know a little about P...
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QFeast Rant!
This is the official place to rant about QFeast. Like how they don't allow MLP, roleplaying, tags, etc. Your Comments will be responded to by me! So RANT ON!!!
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Ash and Misty, A Love Story
Follow Ash Ketchum and his partner Misty as they slowly get closer and closer in love. It sounds cheesy but I really wanted an AshXMisty fanfic.
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