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drake goes to hope peak
Drake goes to hopes peak all the way from maple leaf country in order to make song
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q and a time
my turn my turn ok ... Hi I’m Chloe Yeeters Yee yee yee hi yee yeetus
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The sequel to the Korekiyo story
This part is talking about all of the characters that they dissed for the most stupid reasons.
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wY i LoV kOrekIyo!1!1
This story is based on an article written by a Korekiyo kinnie that I happened to find. With its false facts, and wonderful storyline, this is me retelling it.
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My Heartbreaking Poem
This is such an influential poem. The first chapter will talk about it and then the second chapter will be the poem
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This is a story about ch ok e. It is a story about ch ok e which is a story
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Hetaustria Character Songs!
The only platinum thing that Hetaustria needs is platinum character songs.
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Then the Winged Hussars Arrived-A Hetaustria story
This is a Hetaustria story filled with platinuk ness about a guy who is a winged hussar and is platinum and wants to be in Hetaustria. He will devote his life to be in the show, but are odds against him? A story about bands, fr...
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A tale of two Arthurs
What happens when book-loving antelope Arthur Reed who is fond of yellow, meets snobby Brit kid rude mean tea-sipping Arthur Kirkland? Will they get along? Especially when two new kids come to town who share the names of Arthur...
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The Awesome war with the POV of Pam
Pam does not want Jim to lose his Most Awesome title. She will fight to the end with him.
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Joshua and The Promised Land 2
Here it is. The official Joshua and the promised land 2. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
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Qfeast Without Hetalia
Ok listen. I'm not trying to hate on people, I'm just writing a story to get me more reputation points. This is told by my point of view. This is not based on a true story.
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A poem about chicken tenders that is really popular it is called chicken Tendies.
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Bee movie script
This is the bee movie script the movie is really cool yay this is the bee movie script
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Not Nichole Part Two
If you want to read The First Three Chapters of Not Nichole, I will post it on my wall. Nichole and April's kids are missing, which comes to a total of six kids to find. April is scared because one of her missing kids is Maxwel...
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