Look what personality I've got! What about you? Budo Masuta is my in game crush. OMG. I got him! *Dances around*
Budo masuta
Budo masuta
Budo is a popular figure in Akademi High, known for his friendly and approachable attitude, his powerful physique, and his undeniable skill at martial arts. Ever since he became the leader of the Martial Arts Club, he has maintained a 100% winning streak, and is considered to be the strongest student at school.
Budo became the leader of the Martial Arts Club after defeating the club's previous leader, who resigned after being beaten by her own pupil. There are rumors that the reason why Budo dedicated himself to martial arts is because he developed powerful romantic feelings for the club's previous leader, and desperately wanted to impress her. Budo always changes the subject when asked about this topic, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.
Budo very rarely speaks ill of others, but has been known to express a strong distaste for bullies and delinquents. He is quick to rush to the aid of anyone that is being harassed by other students, making it clear that "If you pick a fight with them, you're picking a fight with me, too!"
on January 05, 2018