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My best friend is a spy. (And my enemy.)
Kim Jisoo is from Seoul, South Korea. Her best friend, Yoo Su-hwa, isn't from Korea. Nor is her real name even Yoo Su-hwa. When Jisoo learns this, she feels betrayed and angry. However, when she learns that her so called best f...
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Dear Taehyung.
After his parents send him to a school for 'bad' kids, Kim Taehyung makes six new friends who aren't bad at all. One of the six friends starts writing Taehyung letters... When a threat is made to the school, the boys go into...
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In love with the landlord. (FanFic)
I decided to stop being so lazy and write something new on here. So, the story is a fanfiction about RM and Jin. I'm guessing you can tell what it's about based on the title... (*Very short. (*Slow updates. (*Not very good.
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100 reasons why you should live.
I will give you 100 reasons for why you should live or stay alive. I hope reading this will make you feel better. ❤️ (Will update tomorrow.)
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A spring day. (Taehyung x Jungkook fanfic)
Taehyung grew up in a rich loving family. He had anything he ever wanted yet he was still lonely. Jungkook grew up poor and depressed. He never had anything he wanted. He was always lonely. When Jungkook's parents send him to...
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The killer on Emerald street.
You know those cute older people who seem like they could never do anything bad? Well, it's time for you to meet Mrs. Emily Deleornzo...
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Two brothers: The journey back home.
After Yiu and Xiangtan spend some time in America, they've finally decided to visit their homeland, China, for a while until they figure their lives out. But of course, some drama happens when Yiu meets a handsome stranger...
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Scary stories. (1)
Oh boy, do I miss Halloween. ;-; Hello there, this story with be short/long scary stories. Thank you for reading. ^^ *I don't own or claim any stories. *If you have a certain story you'd like, tell me. ^^
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Living above the clouds.
After her dad passes away from a car crash, Holly gets very anxious and depressed more. Even her girlfriend gets embarrassed of her when other people find out that they're together. Holly's dad was the only person who truly acc...
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My rant book.
This is just gonna be a bunch of rants or me talking about random stuff because because I'm annoying. x3
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Two Brothers.
From living in a small town in China, Yiu Wang and Xiangtan Wang have found life in America to be completely different. While running away from a dangerous gang, they've decided not to return to their homeland for some time. ...
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One Week.
What would you do if you became friends with a boy who doesn't seem...human?
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Dance Group. (Namjoon X Seokjin.)
Dance group is about two boys, Namjoon and Jin, who do an audition for a dancing group and when the two boys meet they realize that they have many things in common with each other. But being in two different dance groups can c...
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Something about Park. (Min Yoongi x Park Jimin)
Min Yoongi is a quiet college student from Daegu. His life is going nowhere until he meets Park Jimin, a handsome, beautiful man with a passion for music and nursing school. Yoongi takes an instant disliking to Park for his nic...
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When the ocean waves.
What happens when a normal teenage girl falls in love with a mermaid? (Thanks for reading! :))
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Puns, Jokes, and Riddles.
Hello, this story thing is just filled with puns and jokes and stuff like that. If you got a joke, tell me please. :)
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