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on February 09
It's my artistic name. "Magrey" came from joining together my two official last names together, though due to a rather stupid story of my family they just kind of left behind the real one which would have made Magdero/Magland instead, they just kind of grabbed a common one but, it's not like I can change it right now. The Viktoria is just Victoria with a K because I just felt drawn to that.
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on October 04, 2016
Personality: Shy, withdrawn, quiet, self-conscious.
Habitat: Places with a few close friends, where you can have deep talks.
Appearance: Pale skin, translucent, tattered white shroud, black eyes.
Fortune: You will either accidentally or reluctantly try something new, which turns out to be advantageous.
on September 27, 2016
I heard my mom and dad doing essentially what they so me and my sister could be born when I was eight. I stayed for so long with a poker face and then ran off. They probably know.
I nearly walk off of the ledge of a school when I was visiting because my mom had bussiness to do. No one but me knows. I got so scared it didn't even show up on my face. But that's very, very normal in me. Here it was in an extreme scale though.
on September 23, 2016
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It happened to me..(real incidents only)
In this page you can write all real weird incidents that happened to you. Have fun.
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on September 23, 2016
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