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Feeling Crazy and I Don't Know What To Do
I know I have a...trigger happy personality, and it's kinda making me more "mad" than I expected. How should I control my trigger happy madness? I don't want to hurt anybody yet I feel like I must always defend myself with all ...
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How do I put up with a family member I just can't stand?
We all have that someone in our family that we just absolutely HATE. How do I put up with that one family member you just wish was dead.
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Ask Glitch
Hello I'm G-G-Glitch. Ask me a-a-a-anything you like ^_^
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favorite mlp creepypasta?
Mine is obviously Rainbow Factory. I like Cupcakes too
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What are some websites you should never visit?
I'm bored and feeling risky. Got any horror websites I can check out?
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What's your favorite creepypasta?
Just curious. And there's a lot of them, I want to know which ones have the most fans ^_^
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Who's your favorite Mystic messenger character
It can be anyone ^_^ but Saerans mine!
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Favorite RWBY character?
Doesn't have to be the main four
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