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Ariel and her family moved into their new home in Georgia after all the trauma her family had faced. The old, creaky floors and antique appeal seemed to be the exact right change they needed from their suburban lifestyle. But n...
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A Girl's Guide to Getting Through Life
Hey. This is literally just a random assortment of tips for you guys on how to like not die and want to kill yourself as a teenage girl.
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Pretty When You Cry
My name is Riley, and I cry too much. That's what everyone's told me. I cry when I'm happy or sad or angry. But I'd never really cried like this one boy was going to make me cry. The empty, lonely, broken sobs coming out of my ...
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1. 2. 3.
1. 2. 3. OCD is not easy. Just one morning with OCD. Compulsions, rituals. Once, twice, three times. 1. 2. 3.
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A Very Supernatural Guide to the Supernatural.
Saving people, hunting things. The family business. Whether you're a hunter or not, you need to know how to protect yourself from all things supernatural.
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Borderline Hysteria.
*Warning: Mature themes in this. Read at your own discretion.* Life filled with love, hate, and pain. And that was all I ever knew. The only thing I ever accepted for myself was the one thing that made me crazy.
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Inside Popularity.
This is my story being "inside popularity." Basically, I went from hanging out with regular people, to getting the high standard seat at the popular table. Why? To go undercover and find out what it's really like to be popular ...
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These are some "letters" I would like to send to people in my life but I can't. Warning: there will be cussing and there will be petty drama.
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Dead End
Alyx had a normal teenage life. She had her best friend Callie and her boyfriend Christian, she was a fairly smart student, and she was busy with her photography passion. But things start to get... weird. Just little things. Li...
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To say that life has been Hell for me would be an understatement. My mind was clouded with thoughts of suicide, pain, and resentment. I never asked for this. But I couldn't get out of it. The walls of my mind closed in on me at...
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Broken Barricade of Unpopular Thoughts
The title is almost as pretentious as the "story" you're about to read. Before reading any further than this line, have caution. This will be about unpopular thoughts/opinions that I have. I've noticed that it's a popular trend...
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At 16 years old, Regan had had her fair share of of hardships. But despite it all, she was safe. Until one fateful night when it all seemed too much.
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The Fray *Teaser*
This is a teaser for a story I have written. Well, I'm writing it. Not currently finished. But I'm putting out a teaser, the first chapter, and will post the full story soon. Here is the description of the story, I call, "The F...
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Save Marina Joyce
This is a legit, serious issue that a lot of people have been talking about. Marina Joyce is a YouTuber with just over 600,000 subscribers. Over the past year, she has changed SO MUCH. I will be talking about this, and giving e...
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The Girl Behind the Screen.
I've lied, cheated, and tried to change who I am countless times. No, this is not another one of my pretentious stories. This is real, this is the truth. This is the girl behind the computer screen.
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Ten Lives Lost *Teaser*
You guys might know I've been working super hard on a story. So, I decided I would FINALLY publish a teaser. This will be the first & second chapter. I hope you guys enjoy! I'm almost done with the whole story!
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Restless Hearts.
My father died in 1891, on February 16th. My mother died the next day. It was very strange that it happened so close together. My twin sister, Alice, and I were confused. But as we tried to get over their sudden deaths, more fr...
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So, I was very much inspired by Rebel_Fangirl, as I always am, to make this. She wrote "Writer Girl" and I decided to basically tell you why I'm a writer. I'm not totally sure what'll be in this story, but yeah.
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I never did fit in. But I'm not sad about it, make no mistake. Fitting in was never my top goal, but making it big was.
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We need to talk (Revamped)
Originally, I had a little story on here called "We need to talk" but I realize that I literally gave out WAY too much personal info in it, so I took it down. I know that 25 people already saw it, but I don't want anyone else t...
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