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What Is The purpose of life?
This is a questions that stumps a lot of people I want to see what your guys opinion is
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What was the worst sacrafice you have made?
whats the worst sacrifice you ever made in your life thats affected you?
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Is 161 pounds an ok weight for a 14 year old?
I wanna know because I weigh at 161 and I'm 14 and I'm 5'8.5 so I wanna know if this is a good weight
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Tips on five nights at freddy's 4
I've played it a few times but I need to know how to make sure I don't get jump scared again by anything so any tips
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Does anybody here know who the Youtuber Dashiegames and Dashiexp is?
He is one of my favorite youtuber but I'm just wondering if anybody here knows him and that they watch his gameplays and animations
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Who here watched Racist Mario? if so what was your Reaction to it?
When I watched it I just laughed through the whole thing
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If you wanted to have a different name than the one you have now what would it be?
For me instead of my name tyree I'd rather have my name be Rocky
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Is it ok to howl at a full moon like a Wolf?
I'm just wondering is it ok to do it cuz I've done it before
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Do any of you guys or girls have teeth that looks like Wolf fangs?
What's your favorite Dog breed?
Mine is a wolf dog or border collie
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What's your Obsession?
Me it's Wolves
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If you were to be an animal forever what would it be?
Me it would be a gray or black wolf
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What's your spirit animal?
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What does this mean? (3)
In my dreams I saw a Wolf spirit come to me and howl at me then the Wolf spirit disappears it's been happening in my dreams everyday What does that mean? please answer
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Was Qfeast supposed to be a Girls site or something?
Because there are more girls on here then boys
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What's your favorite Christmas Song?
Just want to know
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What is your favorite Home Alone Movies?
I like the 1st one or second one
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Who here is a Real American?
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Who is the best Qfeaster u know on here?
just want to know
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