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Pikaboi266 x female reader
This story is reccomended for girls to read unless you are gay. Enjoy!
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My friend origins
In this book you will learn fake, sad, but good origins on how I met my friends and at the end there will be a battle with all of my friends and we will fight a villain... hope you enjoy? ... sorry if it`s bad. and I will publi...
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Ticci Toby (Love story)
I will make more Creepypastas stories, just leave a comment of which one you would like me to do..
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My fnaf boyfriend
Just my fnaf boyfriend and he is so cute i love him his name is Jeremy...
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Lemon*Tank x Rocky*
I love my babe so much I'm gonna marry her too if u wanna turn red read it XD
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The beast within me
Tank trys to hide that he has a secret madness mode that he goes in if he is mad and only his babe knows
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Into the rain
A kid who trys to face his fears but fails.He finds out why he didn't check out the figure in the!
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Wolfie Speaks: Qfeast Controversies
Woof. It's the fluffy, cool mutt, Wolfie. I will, according to the freedom of speech, talk about the most dramatic topics on Qfeast. Please, don't be so offended if this ever happened to you with another user. This was made to ...
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