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Evalïne Sparrow
Evalïne Sparrow
No one really knows you, for you secretly joined a long time ago, most people don't know you are alive. You have a dark past and all your old friends think you're dead. You're a legend for you are one of the most powerful wizards in the history of Fiore, people call you "the Spirit of no mercy". You never touch anyone except with a jet black sword called "Rage".

Magic: Shadow seeker, the ability to blend into shadows
Age: Unknown
Friends: none
Special talent: To blend into shadows helps you to sneak up on your enemies and with extreme agility you show them no mercy.
Personality: Dark and mysterious you lurk in the shadows but almost never seen as you always go on deadly SS-class quests.

What people think of you:

Natsu: I could beat her! Me: no you can't. Him: yes I can Me: She defeated the biggest dark guild ever in a second. Him: Ok fine I can't beat her...
Erza: I've only seen her once, but I admire her skill and secrecy
Levy: I've read about her but I really don't want to meet her...
Lucy: AHHH!
Gajeel: Now THERES some competition
Wendy: Please don't make me meet her, Please don't make me meet her...
Gray: Has she ever spoken a word? Me: Yes, the word "don't"
Happy: She's scary... Natsu help me...
on August 22, 2016