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Elemental [Re-written]
Isolated from the rest of the world, warriors are gaining abilities to control different elements. Ruled by Queen Mallory, and her daughters Adan and Maura, this island is not known to Regulars, but is named "Elemental". Howeve...
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Mary-Sue - The Ultimate Guide
Based on every advice ever given, I believe I have conjured the ultimate guide to follow when creating an OC for any fandom, as Mary-Sue's exist everywhere. (There is still more to come, so don't panic if there is something lef...
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Vocaloid Songs as Stories
I've done some digging into Vocaloid songs I really adore, and I've found that some songs have hidden stories behind them. As such, I've managed to construct these songs into stories that convey the song's meaning as best as I ...
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Thank You - 30 Month Anniversary
In this story, I'll be taking the time to say a huge thank you to some special people. I wouldn't be where I am right now without all the followers who have helped me over these 30 months, but some stand out from others. And th...
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Vanished for Torture
Welcome to a world far beyond the one we know. Once you pass through these doors, there is no hope for you. Those who enter, never leave. Welcome, to Warehouse #666, where the innocent children of the world are held prisoners, ...
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Olympian Gods play Pokemon GO!
What's a good way to start a fuse within the Olympian Gods? The huge phenomenon of Pokémon GO! So what truly does happen when old Gods try new technology?
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Everything Wrong With AKB0048 (Season 1)
Now, don't get me wrong. I, LOVE, this show. I watch it every day, I listen to all the songs and learn the lyrics. But even I can point out some flaws in it, whether minor or major. And this anime still has yet to be roasted, t...
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Redik X Jackie
Guess what? It's finally here! The first ship story between me and Helldiver_Demon! Beware that a couple chapters will be lemons though!
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A DES fight and a faulty Kirara Drive lead AKB0048 to an unknown dimension separate from their own - Mobius. Now, a group of female Mobians must join AKB as the 80th Generation, and defeat the invading DES, in order for AKB to ...
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Hunter's Arrow (Naomi X Artemis story)
Naomi Hickens is a mortal, used as a slave, abused by her Master, and longing for escape. When she meets a group who turn their back on men for freedom, she finds a new meaning to life, and joins them. But things don't exactly ...
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Elemental - Stories of Legend
Millions of citizens with powers of the elements live together in one world, separated by the Covens that signify their power. But when darkness threatens, what will happen when they have to unite as one?
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Ask and Dare My Sonic OC's!
Now is your chance to ask any question you want to my Sonic OC's! You won't know unless you ask, so don't be afraid!
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AKB0048 Review - 1st Season
That's right, I am finally giving a review of my favourite anime of all time! This is my thoughts, so if you think differently about this anime, feel free to make your own review.
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My Favourite Songs (1)
The title says it all, just a story containing the lyrics of my favourite songs. And no, I didn't spell favourite wrong. We just spell it with a U here in England.
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Ask and Dare Ayano Aishi (Yandere-Chan)
Ayano: Ayano here! Or as some of you know me, Yandere-Chan. I've decided it's time I answered some of the really personal questions about me, and my life at Akademi High School, so feel free to ask!
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Sonic Couples Lemons
Camille I hate you so much for making me write this... nah, jk, ily <3 Anyway, thanks to an Anime Lemons story by @King_Of_Booty_Shorts (stay awesome, Alois!), I now got a craving to write this... yeah, I'm real f***ed in the h...
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AKB0048 Hunger Games
The Hunger Games for AKB0048! 24 chosen (12 Successors and 12 Trainees), but which will emerge as our sole survivor?
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Company, That's All That Matters [Sonackie Fan-Fic]
Secrets, tears, sadness. It's been shielded in this relationship. But when the shield breaks, when the truth is told, when the secrets are exposed, company is all that matters in the end. Something that Sonackie know too well.
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The Selection - My OC Backstories
This story explains the backgrounds of the OC's I have put forward for The Selection. Trust me, some are from sadness, some are from determination, but either way, you'll love it! [Note - The chapter will be told from the POV o...
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My Sonic OC's - Theme Songs
Discover the songs of my Sonic OC's... and learn some lyrics at the same time!
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