About Personwhoisawesome

  • Hello I'm Person.
    I don't usually talk much except on here.My friend was the one who recommended this to me,and originally it was her's.(She shared the account with me.)
    I'm in computer graphics,so some drawings may come up.
    I love memes,and funny pictures.I also love anime,so you may see alot of pictures from that.
    I play video games and read comic books.
    My favorite pokemon is phantump.
    My favorite character from Sonic is Shadow.
    My favorite character in Black Butler is Sebastian Michaelis.(DA BUTLER!)
    I love to roleplay!
    I feel I am more diplomatic in arguments,so don't expect me to get too involved.
    I'm just a girl who wants to fit in,so I hope I am welcome!
    As always,I would like to say hello to people reading the bio.Thanks for caring and reading!
  • Joined Qfeast on January 03, 2018