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  • Top of the mornin to ya!
    I am the irish smol been.(nickname from friends in real world)
    I love anime! I am currently watching Assassination Classroom,Fairy Tail,and Black Butler
    I also like pokemon and Sonic.(Its kind of obvious.)
    I love Harry potter,and Sherlock Holmes books most of all.
    People who are brilliant and you should follow on here(note the long list!)
    @EmilytehPancake:First follower/friend,who is awesome
    @Hyperthehedgehog:Great to rp with and friendly!
    @Tylerway:Funny child,trust me.
    @Yamilettethehedgehog:Another great friend,and likes Sonic as well.
    @Iscopee:Amazing Drawer and friendly!
    @SamanthaThehedgehog:Another great friend to have!
    @BweonTehKwispy:Another funny child!
    @Sapphirethehedgehog:One of the nicest people you will meet as well!Great with Rp's(Take her quizzes.They are fantastic!)
    @HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer:Great to rp with.And to to talk about Fairy Tail.
    @Ghostlyboo:Nice to talk to!And great friend
    @AirborneRanger24:Great to hang around and to rp with.
    @Ticci_tobi_creepypastalover:Great drawer and friendly!
    @Dowagami_Is_In_Love:Funny child!
    @LoudExplosionMurder:Great to rp with!!
    And thank you to all the followers!
    Thanks for reading my bio!
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