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Night before christmas parody
I didnt make this, all credit goes to the original creator, i just wanted to share it with you guys because i thought it was funny
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mystery dungeon Parabolic Chronicles!
I had the Idea that "the airhead army" (as the few selected have been called) should make a Pokemon story of how they turn into Pokemon and venture out into the world to find their reason for becoming a Pokemon so here is mine!
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Fear of the End
Ik' than kon lok' (a character I made up) faces the end of his draconian race as he knows it. The humans of the town of Farwind believe that the draconians are evil and have been stealing from their town, and have decided that ...
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Rise of the Paragon Parabolic
My SAO fan fiction! This will be about my interactions throughout Sword Art Online (this will somewhat go with the story line of the show) this will be more like a journal
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