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What do you girls (Or gay/bi boys) look for in a guy?
Snatched this one from Sam, woo. Question is self explanatory. There’s a lot of types of guys, bug, buff athletes, soft femme boys, edgy emo dudes. What’s your preference?
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How long do you think itll take for my mom to tell me to take off my pajamas?
I got these comfy footy PJs yesterday and I’m trying to see how long before my mom tells me to change clothes. Place your bet here
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Are sleep aids addictive?
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Is it PTSD?
So, basically I have this problem, and I believe that it could be PTSD? I don’t want to be that person who self diagnoses over the internet but I just want some input. So in middle school, I had an incident where I went into s...
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Do we need communism?
I don’t have an appendix and I think it’s unfair that some people do. Do we need communism to solve this issue?
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How to stop chewing ?
So, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had this habit of compulsively chewing on everything from pencils, to clothing, and even my fingers. Sometimes I don’t realize that I’m doing it, it just happens. It’s gotten to a point w...
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Why does this cookie jar look like my bestfriend?
Please explain
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Whats Qfeasts power couple?
Sam’s a fûckin LIAR its brea and i. shut up and clear ur news feed, u waNNABEEE. no, brea and i are the true power couple, fight me. shut up and admit ur wrongdoings so we can move on with our lives, u moldy beef roast. no u c...
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Petition to let me wear my ghilly
No negative signatures BREA
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Do I have an eating disorder? (tw?)
So for a while, almost a year, I’ve noticed a major change in my eating habits and I’m worried it might be a disorder? I usually go for ate without eating— usually two-three days, but some of my episodes of fasting can last up...
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What are my flaws?
Point em out make me sad (snatched from koopa)
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What am I most Well know for?
Title says it all
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What is your favorite musical?
I have a lot
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What was the scariest time in your life?
It can be anything, something as small as something you mistook for something else, or it could be a near death experience, if you’ve ever had one.
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What do you think about me? (1)
Just curious
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Why is my head so screwed up?
It’s been happening for a while I’m a sufferer of frequent severe headaches. They get so bad all I can do is sit around and suffer in a room with the lights off
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