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Moondancers story
Hey guys it’s been a while since I created something. So I just thought that I would make my ocs backstory for you all.
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x reader requests
heya guys so i just kind of got bored so I decided to make this x reader book
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mystic messenger x reader
step right up folks! I will be writing a mystic messenger x reader story and you can request any characters you want! :3 and if you reaally want it I "might" do lemons. anyways enjoy!
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Hacked (707 x Clara)
I'm just gonna write this for practice for my assignment so it's just Clara x 707 anyways enjoy!
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The life of a wolf (kiana x barren)
Okay so this is the about a girl who is just shy all the time and she is very adventrous and she wonders into the woods one evenng and met a wolf boy
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Ok so i just decided to make a story about my au anyways enjoy or dont if you would rather not learn about this shitty au
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My poems (1)
Alright so I wanted to do a story about my poems but just know that I can only do love poems so umm anyways enjoy
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Asking and daring blueberry
:'3 just blueberry's answers to your questions and dares Hehe ^-^ ;-; words why? Thank you
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Senpai x reader
Okay so I decided to do a senpai x reader for you guys so here you go ^-^ hope you enjoy it! And sorry if it sucks...
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Asking taro yamada
Okay so here's the story for asking taro ^-^ umm need more words DX *sighs* finally anyways enjoy!
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Celebrity love (zen x Rocky)
Holy shit I had to ^-^ I love zen so much Hehe and this is me and him and not my oc so I'll be putting this in my p.o.v
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Shyness (rocky x gray)
Okay i had to anyways in this one I'm gonna like umm make it to where they're children at first :'3
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Freddy x reader
Alright here's for a good friend @Female_mike_schidmit_and_freddy_fazbear I tried so hard I can't do these things well but here you go
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Error x ink
One creates one destroys ^-^ hope y'all enjoy this love story that I made
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Mangle x foxy
This is for ToughWolf3 I hope you enjoy this buddy ^-^ ._. Words plz no thank you!
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Athena x springtrap
This is for my sister LilGaster ^-^ anyways here you go sis! Hope you enjoy!
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Wolf x papyrus
This is for wolf ^-^ I hope that you enjoy this wolf and also sorry if it sucks i don't do well on papyrus XD
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Rockine's and Rocky's backstory
Alright I just got bored and wanted to make this so it's just rocky and her twin sister basically ^-^ also there are some tws
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Asking Sebastian and delcia
Alright so here's the answers to your questions ^-^ oh and and the dares as well
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Joking love (Natsu x rocky)
Okay I had to I just had to do this I'm sorry go ahead and hate me for this... I'll take my chances of being hated
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