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If you could have ONLY have 3 wishes, what would they be?
You can wish for anything except to have MORE THAN 3 wishes!
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Need OC's for my Sword Art Online story
I will be making a Sword art online story and I need OC's! I will gladly accept anyone although I can only accept at the most 5 OC's. It would be amazing if you could fill out this form. Name: Age: Gender: Clothing: Looks: Per...
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How do you record your computer screen for free?
I want to record minecraft for my youtube, but i don't know how, is there a way you can do it for free plz answer!
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Do you have a crush on a fictional character?
Do you have a crush on a fictional character? If so put who it is and where you got it from. Don't be shy, everyone has one :p!
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Is Attack On Titan a good anime?
On a scale of 1-10 how good is Attack On Titan, and be completely honest. I've never watched it and I want to know how good it is.
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What's your top 5 favorite anime?
There are tons of anime out there and I want to know what is your top 5. Not one but 5. And if you recommend an anime to me I'll go check it out, by the way it would help if you put the anime in order. Thanks!
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What should I call you (my followers)?
I haven't really sat down and wondered my self so maybe you guys can help me.
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