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Top 5 pet peeves of vacations during the school year
*This is my perspective on it so don't get butt hurt over my opinion, I'd appreciate that.* OTHERWISE, these are the top five reasons that really tick me off about vacation time over the school year! If you enjoy this and want ...
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Lost Within the City
~Durarara spin off~ Twenty-three year old Mira Hamasaki has been living in Ikebukuro for as long as she can remember, though it hasn't exactly been easy. The product of experimenting from her own father, she's an Inu hiding in ...
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Alone in the Shadows
This is just to get my sadness out of my system, but please do read this anyway. Whether you could possibly relate to it or not, who knows. The meaning behind this story is up to you as well, so I encourage you to type your opi...
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Scenerios with the dragons
Just a bunch of various scenerios with the dragon ocs I've come up with! If you'd like to request something feel free to, whether it be a scenerio with one or all the dragons.
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Star Fox Character Bios (Original Characters)
These are the original characters created by yours truly! Enjoy reading about them, it was tricky developing them without a pre-made bio! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will gladly help out ^_^
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Scarlet Warrior
Vianguard, a place once of great peace and harmony. Though now, rage, hatred, sins, and killing reigns supreme as the tribes of Vianguard have called war upon one another. The Nagarus, wanting the power and succession of being ...
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Love Has Its Mysterious Ways
Harmony Briggans is brand new to a school in Los Angeles, Los Angeles High, where she meets many new people, some new friends, new enemies, and the captain of the swim team, Yasuto Hamasaki, who had transferred there from Japan...
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My Noragami Oc's Bio
I finished the first season of Noragami a while ago and loved it, so I figured why not make an oc? I make an oc for practically everything I like XD
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The Only One (1)
Mira Hamasaki X Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!) Here's the Valentine's Day story you guys were waiting for! My bad for posting it so late, I procrastinated writing it earlier today, wrote it on my way home, and then procrastinated...
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My Naruto Oc
Just basic info on my new Naruto Oc Yuki Seishin. If you wanna read this good on you. X3 Anyway, if you wanna Naruto rp with me sometime this is the thing to read up on one of my two oc's (the other's just me as a Naruto charac...
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A Star's Dare
~Serenity x BlackStar~ If there's anything Serenity and BlackStar like doing more than sparring or making bets with each other, it's a game of truth or dare. However, with people who know Serenity's secret crush playing along, ...
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Soaring The Depths Of The Underworld
~Alakash's story~ Alakash is the demon spawn of a dragon from the depths of hell, meant to destroy and conquer everything in his path. is that really his destiny, or will he find a new path within the light of the overworld and...
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OC ratings
I decided to make this because I really love the effort and creativity put into multiple ocs, but I'd also like to give some tips! Enjoy :3
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Furry 101
What's a furry? Here's my very knowledge of furries poured into this story! Yes, I did do research, therefore I know A LOT. I hope this expands your horizons a bit and changes your overall opinion on who these people along with...
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Fusion/Titan Wars
The official story where you can request the fusion characters into an all out duel in either combat or gaming! WARNING THIS STORY IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE AGES 11 AND UNDER DUE TO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE during combat.
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OC and Dragons!
I figured since people liked Lets Play A Game! So much, why not make a whole bunch of other stories? Besides this kind of stuff is trending now XP enjoy!
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Let's Play A Game! Greenstreak and reader
Greenstreak wants to play a game with you, y/n! (This is a cute little short thing I came up with enjoy! :3 ) by the way y/n is your name
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The Strength Of Bonded Siblings part 1
Theres much more to find out about themselves than the four siblings know. What have their parents really hidden away for them to find? Who is this mysterious dragon tracking them down?What they don't know, is that their advent...
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