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If you killed someone, where would you bury the body?
So I just wanted to know, and I need a answer, because I googled it and it brought me nothing!
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What does this look like to you guys?
I just made this cupcake and I don't really know what it is, so what does it look like to you guys?
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How many of you want to go back to school?
Well I was in quarantine this whole time so I have to go to school either Monday or Tuesday, and I don't want to!
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what's your favorite color? (2)
What's your favorite color? My favorite would be Blood red or black
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does anyone ever say something dark out of nowhere?
Like me and by best friend was over at her house and we were playing pretend because we were bored and we buried a bracelet because we were pretending that is was dangerous and as we were burying the bracelet I said out of nowh...
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Does anyone have that feeling that they are being watched?
So I will sit in my room and get a strange feeling that someone is watching me so I go up to the window and then I get the feeling again but stronger so I back away from the window and go back to my bed to work on my drawing. A...
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