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Hitting The Right Keys - Kaede Akamatsu X Miu Iruma
Kaede was always nice to Miu. But it seemed as if Miu wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. That is, until Kaede offers to teach her how to play the piano, and Miu accepts her offer. However, Kaede starts falling in love wi...
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Guide to making a decent OC
*slams hands on table* Alright. I've had this idea for a while, might as well write it. In this story, I'll talk about OCs, and what to avoid when trying to make a decent OC.
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Alpha Academy Animal Jam Fanfic lolz!
Once upon a time ther was a leopard named Snow and she wuz Greely's daughter, su she went to a school called Alpha Academy to become an alpha! She then mets Rosy and Derp and Doctor and Twinkle an they all go on adventures when...
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Song Lyrics (4)
The title is pretty self-explanatory. These are song lyrics for some of my favourite songs. You can request some, too.
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Parodies I Made
Exactly what the title says. Here I'll add parodies that I made. So, um, enjoy I guess?
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Ask Arashi's OCs
Okay this was based off @LilGaster's story, and yeah! So, you can ask them stuff, or you can make them react.
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Spirits (1)
A group of Mobian friends face life in a not-so-normal high school. They all thought it was normal, until they start seeing peculiar, tiny specks of lit. They are tempted to follow them, but the lights, they find out, are actua...
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