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Jasper is very ruthless and arrogant, along with being headstrong and an aggressive combatant. During her arrival on Earth, she looked down upon the Crystal Gems and insulted them relentlessly. But, she proved to be somewhat hypocritical, when she egged Lapis Lazuli to fuse with her so that she could defeat the Crystal Gems. However, Jasper is also shown to have very prideful/honorable side (both negative and positive) to her personality. When she meets Steven, thinking that he's Rose, she says that she respected Rose's tactics and strategies. Though, her more "arrogant/self reliant" pride is shown when she calls fusion a, "cheap tactic used by weak gems to make them stronger," as well as when she calls Garnet a "shameless display."
-From Steven Universe Wikia
on December 29, 2016