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This is for people who dont need yall jackasses on here so stay the fuuck off
this page is not for yall jackasses and u know who u r so stay off my friends are the only ones aloud on this page
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this is wht jane and jeff ships keep getting sent to me
so this is wht these assholes keep sending me even though i ask them to stop my god this shit is gross leave me outa of the shipps
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No MOrE SChOOL HELP EnD THE mENTAL ABUSE plz save the children of today
THIS PAGE IS FOR KIDS WHO THINK SCHOOL IS STUPID AND DOESNT NEED TO BE HERE plz follow this page if u would like to stop the mental abuse
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Creepypasta fans
this is for people who love creepypastas. You can post wht ever you want on here but plz be respectful of others and all of u creepypasta haters keep your hateful comments off of here
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