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Enjoy, I honestly don't even know why I decided to make this. Oh well. Whatever. Just try and read all the these
20 reads 19 readers 3 by King_of_Booty_Shorts
Helpless Pleas and Family Trees
Just a quick Hanahaki drabble that really has no plot at all. The drum boy gets himself tangled up with Hanahaki again, but this time, family-tree Hanahaki— TW for hints of family abuse and violence—
8 reads 7 readers 10 by roger.the.boi
The Story Of Sapphire
A re-write of the original story. This is Sapphire’s past, present and future...enjoy!
17 reads 8 readers 13 by sapphirethehedgehog
Drarry fic inspired by a Tumblr post. I wrote this randomly, fueled by mountain dew, determination, and a snap.
111 reads 17 readers 9 by vive_la_revolution
Thornriver || 02
Thornriver Academy for Girls: less of a school, more of an elitist society where you either fit in or you don't. Sophia Florence is lucky: she's rich, clever and charismatic - she's navigated the choppy waters of Thornriver for...
17 reads 7 readers 12 by trappedinthedollhouse
Just My Little Ray Of Sunshine||BXB||
He's just so perfect. His soft pink lips. His messy dyed blue hair. His dull blue eyes, that just had that sparkle that could make you smile. His goofy but shy smile that made people's hearts melt. He soft pale skin with his na...
8 reads 4 readers 0 by FallingApart
Him (1)
an anonymous boy who fell in love at first sight with a boy who doesn't know his name. what he doesn't know is that maybe someone will read it years later. It's a short story that is rushed. I had a better idea in my head but ...
13 reads 10 readers 2 by srhkle
Notice Me
Mia was the most nociable girl in Adeki high. After all, who wouldnt be interested in her? All of the students, and even a few teachers, were interested. All, save, for Sesa. (Short story)
60 reads 14 readers 32 by xXEmo_KingXx
Of All Girls, Why Did He Come To Me?
I'm a teenage, I'm supposed to be mad about finding a boyfriend or get at least my first kiss. But no, I'm not like the other girls, I don't have time to waste. But, he just came ... and I simply fell for him, is he playing or ...
76 reads 27 readers 6 by intoBoth
Wolves Of The Ravine (abandoned)
Ferone doesn't know where he belongs. He doesn't know where he is. Or even what he is. But his whole life changes when he comes across the wolves of the ravine. Can outsider Ferone save an entire pack from peril?
237 reads 24 readers 42 by Dei_Dei
He Loves Me Not
All he could think about was his bright cerulean eyes and deep chocolate brown hair. And that was when the petals came.
16 reads 13 readers 0 by roger.the.boi
I ain't your ordinary wizard...
There's a town in Fiore called Magnolia where a famous wizard guild is based. The name of this guild? Fairy Tail. Within this guild is a young dragon slayer. Her name is Hikari Grace. Hikari has had a troublesome past. How you ...
8 reads 5 readers 4 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Musical Chairs
A war breaks out between two sworn rivals; Band and orchestra. After the war, a first seargent mourns his dying friend, drum major.
12 reads 5 readers 4 profile storyby roger.the.boi
Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory
A little side story for my web comic that I haven't gotten to work on for a while. This is kind of how Nolly came to be Corbijn's second pet.
19 reads 10 readers 1 by Corbijn3andNolly
Q: The Musical
WELCOME Ladies, and Gents, Genderfluids, Tran kids, people of all sexual orientations, and sexualities. Behold, the one and only QFEAST THE MUSICAL! Average time on the q, is almost 24/7 for some users. Most of us leave, but t...
29 reads 16 readers 11 by AngelicPhoenix
Three kids, who are total strangers. A world left in medieval times. A town of modern and fantastic technology. A city where no one remembers anything. A realm of fantasy, where anything anyone imagines becomes true. And on top...
12 reads 7 readers 0 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Some Angsty English people
Lolol basically a thing with Roger and his parents-- It's really angsty
6 reads 6 readers 3 by roger.the.boi
This is just a short story. I don't think it's really a story, but just read it, you'll be glad you did.
101 reads 83 readers 41 profile storyby Gisselle
A Scary Night
Ok: This story is really freaky so if you're not into that stuff then you probably SHOULD NOT read this. I mean SERIOUSLY! It's for sure creepy...!
27 reads 22 readers 4 by banana1234