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The Killing Game
Five people are invited to a party being held at a mansion in a dark, secluded area of a forest in Maine. It is foretold that four will die, and one will survive. Remember, X marks the spot!
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These are just the lyrics to the songs. I swear, I own nothing. I promise. I can't write that well.
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The Club: A Musical
The creation of a new club is announced, and people are curious. The basis of the club? Fruit.
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In this world, there are several continents. These continents are called Hyrule, Fiore, Death Vegas, Hogwarts, Half-Blood Hill, Storyland, and Miscellaneous. There was an earthquake, and, suddenly, everything collided. Their wo...
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Bex Harrows has never been a social butterfly. She was always more of a robot, she came to school, learned a few things, and went home. In senior year, though, her eyes are finally opened by a boy with some dark secrets.
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Ravel Writes Shit
Well, hello~! I'm Ravel and this is my story, I guess. Here, I will write shit, I guess. They're not in any particular order. (Content warning.)
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Jynx Moonblood: Your Problem Now!
Oho! You seem to have ordered a Jynx! We hope this manual explains your situation! Signed, The Bean Team!
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Zackie and Valerie Shit
[11/7/2017] So, Bab is back, so this story isn't just memories anymore. Hooray! But seriously. Everyone should still read this. It's gold.
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Have Faith
Once upon a time, Alice Monroe wasn't looking where she was going. Once upon a time, Faith Gardner ran into her.
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Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend
Some people think it's best that guys have guy best friends and girls have girl best friends. Some people, though, decide to mix it up. This is Charlotte Butler and Hayden Campbell's story.
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The Secret Life of a Closeted Gay Nut
Mikey is a prince. And a gambler. And a daredevil. And gay. He tells his story about how he deals with his serious gambling problem, his arranged marriage, and his utter gayness.
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OC Rap Battles~
So I wanted to make rap battles (since I can rap, rhyme, and roast) for my OCs because the idea is super duper interesting. Also, I love the Hamilton cabinet battles, which is what this was loosely based off of. Comment any bat...
32 reads 9 readers 3 profile storyby Helpless
R'ena's Book of Harry Potter OCs
This is just a book of HP OCs! I needed somewhere I could remember them with, so here it is!
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Jynx Moonblood: A Backstory (2k17 Version)
Lately, I've been procrastinating whether to rewrite this beauty. I guess I have to since I need to update my story collection (remember when I deleted them all?). Anyway, enjoy!
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The Life of Jazz Mundy (The Not Too Exaggerated Version)
Jazz Mundy was a lot of things... Illegal, a thief, a cold-blooded killer (for about four years!), a devoted boyfriend, a dad... But how did he get to that? Well, we'll have to start from the very beginning. (TW for sex refere...
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Pneumonionic Linky Goals (BreLink + Blooena)
Linky just found out that he has pneumonia! Instead of watching a movie like the 4 plan to do, Bloo and R'ena challenge Linky to complete all their life goals in 24 hours. Brea films.
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Jesse Durwood Got Hit By A Car And All I Did Was Watch, I Swear
One rainy night, Jesse Durwood was out walking. It seemed like nothing bad ever happened to her. She knew the road like the back of her hand. One slight complication on the way home, though... She was killed. Her killer is on t...
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Isaac's School for Gifted Children
It's the first day of school and Maddie's frustrated because she doesn't have a boyfriend. It's the first day of school and Nick has detention. It's the first day of school and Skyler thinks she can juggle the Internet, homewor...
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