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Character Submissions?
I'm writing a story soon called Hyrule High, and I need some OCs for it. It takes place on Earth at a private school somewhere in Maine. Fill out the form and your character might get in. Name: Age: Grade: Race: Looks (details,...
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How would you react if I left?
I'm just wondering because, y'know, I'm an attention whore. But really, how would you react? I've been thinking about it a lot lately...
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Serious Question Time~
Lately, I've been wondering something; if God, who is said to be the creator of anything and everything, wanted everyone to be straight, why did He make LGBT+ people? This question has been eating at me lately, and I'd really a...
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Solve the Riddle, Pls~
Keep in mind that all of this goes together somehow- 1. A plane was carrying 500 bricks. One falls out. How many are left? 2. What are the 3 steps to putting an elephant in the fridge? 3. What are the 4 steps to putting a deer ...
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What is the most uncomfortable/disturbing/weirdest word you have ever heard (while still keeping it appropriate)?
Basically, what's your least favorite word? Mine is moist - it just SOUNDS disgusting.
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What was the worst birthday present you ever got?
For my sixth birthday, my dog died. How about y'all? What were YOUR worst presents?
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How do you know if senpai likes you?
He lets me call him nicknames, laughs at my bad jokes, and is friendly even though one of his best friends hates me. What do I make of this? How do you know?
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When is your Qfeast Day?
Mine is the 29th! Does anyone else share a day with me? It'd be really cool if anyone did! When's yours?
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Who is your favourite character in DFD (Destined For Disaster)?
Jynx, Ceres, Matt, or Bree? Please answer! I love feedback! If possible, could you explain why? Thanks!
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Do Any Of You Want A Season 5 Of Soul Eater?
I do! I wanna see what happens next!
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Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
Do you? I do.
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