When you get accepted by the group
sweet, funny, smart
sweet, funny, smart
You are Zoe and 14! Your brother is Steve Randle and your sister is Dani Randle. Your best friend is Johnny Cade and Val Love. You are the smart one and a good girl. Your boyfriend is... Ponyboy Curtis. You were extremely shy when you first met the gang but since you knew Pony and Johnny from school you tended to hang out with them, but after while you became more than friends with Ponyboy. He is one of the best boyfriends(tehe...boyfriend), buying you flowers and taking you to the movies.
Steve: She's my annoying little sis
Sodapop: She looks a little like dani...weird
Dally: She's too nice
Johnny: She's as pretty as Val...I don't know who to date!
Ponyboy: She's my girl
Two-bit : ...She's nice...
Darry: Great girl she and ponyboy will always be together.
on October 25, 2017