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Ask Jibantin
Ask Jibantin anything! Any question you ask shall be posted here. Have fun!
8 reads 5 readers 3 profile storyby Glutin_The_Yokai
Mandopony FNAF Song lyrics!
I will give each FNAF Song by Mandopony word by word. Enjoy please! :3
26 reads 15 readers 2 by Glutin_The_Yokai
CreepyPastas (1)
I am here to say tales of the ones who are known as Creepypastas. Why do I have to make description so long!?!
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The Big Book of Qfeasters Pets
Unlike The Big Book of Qfeasters, this is where those Qfeaster's Real Life pets get shown off. Some of these are stupid, but to heck with it! XD
63 reads 16 readers 1 profile storyby Glutin_The_Yokai