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Which idea is better?
Okay so I'm writing this story, but then I have another idea. It's creepy and it's nearly Halloween so I thought it would be a good idea :) But which one? Idea 1. A girl called Ava is finishing her GCSE project in Textiles, we...
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What are you being for Halloween?
Just curious! ^_^ I'm being a doll, poofy dress with dark and red lipstick, with bunches and maybe a black bow/hairband. I might put some coloured hair spray in my hair too :P and I'm wearing black tights and little black wed...
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Should I come back to this site
okay so... I don't really like this site anymore and my life is better without being upset because of this site But I can't help feel that I should stay and start over, because I know there are a few people who care about me b...
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Why do you ship Bonnie x Aurey? (for people who know the ship)
Whyyy xD I meant it as a joke because Bonnie is my favorite Five Nights at Freddy's character xD Right why in the comments :P Guys why xD XD XD XD
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Should I make a new oc?
I was thinking of making a new Sonic OC but I need some help on what she should be like.. I was thinking of calling her Harmony the Hedgehog..her anti being Chaos the Hedgehog.. Here's a brief: Name: Harmony Age: 20 Species: H...
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What is that little jingle noise?
No, I don't mean the normal notification's something else So today I've been hearing a little cute short jingle sound and I've been wondering what it is. I looked at my Qfeast tab and their was a sound symbol saying t...
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I can't confirm my account. Help!
God damn email to confirm my account won't work! It won't appear! Help D: It won't appear in my inbox..
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What is it like to die and go to heaven? :O
I wanna know, but nobody knows. Just give me your thoughts on what you think it would be like! :3 Also random Princess Celestia pic :3
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