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The Phoenix: Darkness Falls
(Note: I decided to post this because of whatever, not like anyone's going to read it but eh.) Phoenix (Lucille Lockwood), a woman forced to transform herself into a child to save her sister gets forced to live in the mortal r...
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Book 1: The Phoenix
A land where light once dominated, where the shadows once hid in fear. Now, danger lurks for those who live in the light society, and only one person is powerful enough to stop it. Her name is Phoenix. Hidden away from the soci...
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The Phoenix
Phoenix (Lucille Lockwood), once thought she was a human being. That is until an entity started to appear in her dreams, once she lived a normal life, free from the disasters that life caused. Until one day the Abnormalities di...
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Thrill of the Kill
Warning: There will be a use of foul language and possible things that may not be for you. Please be aware that this is also a rough draft, and there will be many changes happening in the story.
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Alexis and the Full Moon Goddess
Born a demi-god, Alex discovers who her true mother is Lunus. She and her boyfriend must make their way to save her mother from the evil she's up against. With the help of a troubled friend, Guardian, a true bastard at heart. ...
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Mission: Revenge
Arian, she was once an assassin but fell to her death trying to fight the people who turned her into a cyborg. Genetically modified as well she fights to finish the mission she was set out to do. With Dathan at her side, who kn...
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Imagine being trapped in a prison-like home for as long as you can remember, longing for the will to be free. Morgan finally got her freedom, and she'll do anything to keep it. She meets ex-keeper Erika Channing, and her roomma...
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Call of the Phoenix (Draft #1)
Eira a snow enchantress, vowed to destroy the planet, and the only things protecting it. 4 teens must fight to protect it, together they create the call of the Phoenix. Chase Greywood, Phoenix Lexwood, Lily Wild, and Jacob Hall...
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Avengers Rap Battles
Introducer: Welcome to the house where all like to meet, where everyone roast each other while someone gets beat. The rap battle begins in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. (Ocs also included).
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Lucifer's Siren
Imagine; a beautiful life, nothing wrong with you. Only a boy with a crush, and record of straight A's. Finding out you're Lucifer's Siren, to end his miserable ass. Not only do you have to deal with him, but you must also deal...
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Desire (1)
Trapped in a world where you can't be who you choose to be, you're own rights stripped away from you. No LGBT+, because it's a sin. You can only hide in the shadows, and pretend to be something you're not. Isn't how it is in re...
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Mystery In The Bones
It's a combination of Avengers, and Bones. Logic was broken, Booth's dream came true. Captain America thought it was weird he has Captain America underpants, but if he keeps them out of trouble so be it. Ana is a weird assassi...
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Q: The Musical
WELCOME Ladies, and Gents, Genderfluids, Tran kids, people of all sexual orientations, and sexualities. Behold, the one and only QFEAST THE MUSICAL! Average time on the q, is almost 24/7 for some users. Most of us leave, but t...
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The Travelers
3 people jumping through portals, entering different stories and being apart of it. Each time the story changes so does the actual book. Griffin, he always goes into the story and falls for Syrianna, while another Michael goes ...
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Visionaries, Shifters, and Abnormalist all genetic experiments used to run the societies of Glass, Cinder, and Memory. Maebella Lockwood is the all great powerful abnormalist which each genetic treat. For centuries her family h...
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Mae is a young 26 year old girl, spy that's been in captivity for over 2 years. Finding her way back to where it all began she must escape before the end of the world, and magic.
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Winter's Mysteries (Book 1: The Skull in The Shower)
(Note: This is only a draft there will be a newer story coming out with longer content in the chapters) A human body was found in the body, and only Detective Winters can find out who the murderer is and what happened. Join Wi...
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Wolf Winter
A society, where 3 boys and 3 girls are pulled from their villages to compete in the winter games where only the survivors of the 2 teams are married, lives 2 people. Tylan Donovan, and Alexandra Varvara. Together they lead the...
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Child of Lucifer (Edit)
Something big is happening, and it involves Eve. Who's Eve? The devil's child of course who else would she be. What's gonna happen? Find out in Child of Lucifer.
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In this world a plague has been unleashed and only two people are willing to stop it. Will they fail?
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