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Last breath
Len and Ema have worked as partners hunting demons for a while but never talked to each other much, so one day while she sat alone he decided to talk to her. Unknowingly setting a chain of events that would impact them both.
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The Four Maidens
An old wizard, who lives alone in the mountains, is visited by four sisters, who each in their own unique ways are kind to him. (From RWBY)
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A young man named Adam searches for his sister in the ruin of the mortal world, even if he has to travel into vampire territory.
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Hybrids are humans with the inborn powerful abilities the monsters from the dark forest. Though they are so rare that people have debated about their existence and later they have just faxed into myth, until now... Fox Alternat...
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RWBY song lyrics
Because I'm bored I'm posting a story with a bunch of songs from RWBY! and of course I do NOT own the songs or the Lyrics or RWBY.:P
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This is where I tell storie about what ever so alright lets begin storytelling alright?
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Story Ideas
Here I will post Ideas for upcoming stories. I'd appreciate any comments and notes, and if you don't like an Idea completly or think it's not right just comment "Red Flag/Story" 3 Red flags and I'll drop a project (Unless I rea...
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The Blizzard
I don't know what to say, The Blizzard has trapped 2 Kids in their house.
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The Strange town
A Kid lost in the desert for a reason they don't even know, finds himself in a town that's to good to be true.
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