Look what personality I've got! What about you?
Kanato Sakamaki
Kanato Sakamaki
Oh god this guy is creepy. *shivers* Anyways he is the 4th son of Karlheinz and the middle child of the triplets. He is 5'5 and 123 pounds. He is an Aries like Ayato. Kanato has a disturbed child-like personality and is mentally unstable. He shows signs of psychotic behavior when angered and loves sweets. He may appear polite and soft-spoken, but this guy is whole nother level of crazy. He carries a teddy bear around everywhere that is stuffed with his mother's ashes (whom he burned of course). He also has an interest in necrophilia, just don't accuse him of that or he will turn you into a doll obviously. Kanato had an extremely disturbing childhood that has had a deep effect on his character, like all of the guys on this show. (also a yandere so watch out)
on June 12, 2016