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My fnaf backstory
My name is Ethan Afton. This is my sad story, I hope you like it! Here we go
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Switch: Battle of the consoles Book 1
Switch, a teenaged console faces the dangers of the internet as he fights for the Kingdom NINTENDO in the console war versus kingdom SEGA.
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My life story.
This is the story of me, Siko Uchiha. Enjoy! Might be sad might be not.
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SCP-6000 x Bisexual Reader
You are a Bisexual reader who’s outward appearance looks feminine. You have been assigned for nightwatch in the SCP facility.
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Danganronpa Chiaki's Diary
Chiaki s going through some tough times in high school. Keeping a diary and playing video games seems to be the only thing keeping her Sane.
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Naruto fanfic
I love Naruto. And @dildo420 is in this and I will just call her Himati. I'm Syko.
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What the end times will really be like and the way heaven and hell looks.
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Pikaboi266 x female reader
This story is reccomended for girls to read unless you are gay. Enjoy!
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Pac-Boy x Female Blinky
All characters and pictures (except Pac Boy) are a creation of minus8. Enjoy
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Read or die
I'm not kidding guys pls read for the sake of humanity and if you don't you will die.
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Ash X Lillie
Pokemon luv guys how good can it get? Lol! Alright y'all ima start. Enjoy!
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Pikachu x Glaceon love story
Hey guys this is my first time writing a love story so i hope y'all enjoy!
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