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Would you care If you died if you knew you were going to respawn?
If you could die then respawn would you care if you died or no?
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Who needs love?
I've given up love a long time ago. I get rejected from everyone.
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Have you ever lie in bed and then suddenly think of something cringey you did once?
Have you? I mean I have, many times to the point of me wanting to go back in time and merc myself, if you did then what was it that made you cringe
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Whic yandere simulator ship do you like better?
Taeko yamada X Taro yamada Or Yandere-chan X Yandere-Kun
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What is your dream job? (2)
Tell people your dream job
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QnA With Pikaboi266
I've seen alot people do QnA questions so I decided why not I do one?
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What's your favorite batim character
Mine is Bendy obviously
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