About EmilyTehPancake

  • Dead.
    Hi! I’m Emily
    I like Dogs, Food and sleeping.
    Please don’t make me talk about my father.
    Im Depressed so yeah.
    Complains too much to @BweonTehKwispy
    She probably doesn't even care anymore
    Anime is okay.
    My first crush was Brazilian (fun fact)
    “It’s okay to be sad sometimes. Just don’t take it too far.”
    “You love every man you see, But can never stay with any because of that.”
    I draw here, so:
    ⭐️Best Friends⭐️
    Breon(@BweonTehKwispy): A beautiful child, I love her so much.
    Zoe(@Antzoni101): second beautiful child. my second mother. Totally don’t have a small crush on her
    @PenguinMcGuffin:An old friend who has came back to me, we mainly chat on discord
    @Iscopeee: A.K.A Popee The Best Performer
    @Personwhoisawesome: her username says it all
    @chookity.dookity: my final Space pal. Understands me. Draws heccin good.
    Final Space
    Sister Location
    That's all I can think of right now.
    💯Decent Memes Are My Thing🔥
    🏳️‍🌈pretty lesbian🏳️‍🌈
    Thanks for actually reading this mess.
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  • Lives in United Kingdom
  • High School owo
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