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Which Weaponry Character Are You?
In the world of Uphelios, life on the High Seas is a complicated game of intrigue, rebellion, strategy and violence. There are as many reasons to be a pirate as there are ways to survive this salty lifestyle. Let's find out whi...
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on June 07, 2014
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You are Shrapnel!
You are Shrapnel!
Most people think you’re a bad person, or at least a bad influence. Really you just tend to not give a damn about what people think about you. You believe we only live once, and you only put weight into that which you can see, touch and personally experience. You’re not one to hold a grudge, but you also never back
down from a fight.

You are fearless! Any experience is worth having because you learn from anything you face. You can be blunt to a fault, coarse and unrefined, but no one will ever doubt your honesty and most will be impressed by your courage, even if they fear your whirlwind style!
on June 07, 2014
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