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Info about my ocs
OHH this is gonna take a really long time to finish up because of my one million ocs.
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Qfeast can be mean
I'm GoNnA rIp WhOEvEr ToOk DoWn My PoLl'S hEaD oFf. Anyways... I need a way to vent about this.
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I'm not a curse
I am not a curse... I am not a curse... I EXIST... I am not a... cuuurse...
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My fan art was set to profile
This is based off of bleshou's story because QFEAST IS ROOD. I need to vent about this.
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Yami and Tori
This one goes out to @Yamilettethehedgehog101 for inspiring me. *dies* this is trash but here.
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A dogs story
100% typed bye a yapper, Max. He is a experienced typer and loves it. Its his fav hobby.
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