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What's the weirdest nickname anyone has called you?
On a scale of 1-10, what do you think of me
1 would be you hate me. 5 would be friend 10 would be love
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Someone who has never seen BFB, explain what is happening
Do you like chess?
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Okay... what is actually wrong with me
I'm enjoying the pain I brought to myself. I felt happy cutting my arm. I laughed at other's pain. I know this isn't how I act. I know I'm having problems. But the frick is actually wrong with me
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How would you pronouce this?
Look at picture
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How bad are the effects of eating printer ink?
I printed something, I didn't realize the ink was still a little wet. It got all over my finger. But I still bite my fingers. So I ended up putting printer ink in my mouth and swallowing. Me so smart
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What are some good animation softwares?
I want one that's easier to use because i suck!
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On a scale of 1-10. Whats your favorite color of the alphabet
Seems pretty straight fowards
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Best profile picture?
Which qfeasters do you think have good profile pictures.
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The challenge,  challenge ideas
I'm already out of ideas
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Has anyone played Survivor in roblox before
I have, and I love that game
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What languages can you speak?
I speak English But is taking German in school now
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When's your birthday ?
My birthday is December 23rd and I hate how close to christmas it is.
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Who is your favorite youtuber? (10)
My favorite youtuber is Ssundee
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What should i build in minecraft?
I like to build redstone things, but ran out of ideas
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I got to deep into the Internet (read description)
If me and you got trapped into a room for 24 hours. What would you do. No doors, no way to contact others, Just a plain room.
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Who questions my account name?
XD I love my account name
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What do you think of when you see :3 ?
I think fish
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